India-US Forum of Monroe twp (IFM)


The purpose of the India-US Forum of Monroe Township (IFM) is to unite all Indo-US residents together under one umbrella as a team to partner in social & cultural, economic, education and civic engagement activities in the Township and beyond. IFM will provide one unified community voice to address needs that arise in daily life and it will also work towards increasing participation of the Indo-US community in local activities to become a core fabric of Monroe Township. IFM will serve as a communication platform among the Indo-US community for the mutual benefit of all its patrons.

IFM Vision: Four Pillars (Core Interest)

Social& Cultural
  • Talent, Art & Craft, Music & Singing, Reading & Writing, Cooking & food Etc.
  • Health & Wellness. Yoga.
  • Sports & Athletic, 5K run, Health Camp, Blood Donation involving Youth.
  • Senior & Retired Patrons
  • Women empowerment
  • Attend BOE meetings; understand agenda, talking points, address the issue, sent an email.
  • Parents start to Participate in PTA at Elementary & PTO at Middle and High School.
  • Feedback on Students, Teachers, School.
  • Business and professional patrons from various fields to collaborate for the betterment of the community.
  • Leadership, Mentoring, Motivation and guidance.
Civic Engagement & Humanitarian work :(non-political, non-religion)
  • Community member's active Participation at national holidays and community events.
  • Provide humanitarian help and address issue impacting the community .


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Executive Committee

Hemant Patel
Andy Paluri
Mihir Mamundar
Nayna Patel
Santosh Pathuri
Sunita Gulati
Niket Rele

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